Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grades for module 1

I received my grades for module 1 out of 6 for this course.

For the case assignment, I got a B+.  My professor's comments were:

Your paper demonstrates that you read the two papers under consideration very thoroughly. I wish you had used the criteria of quality research that are provided in the reading to assess these two studies. These criteria also could have been used to structure your paper.

As you write your next papers, please take the approach of using the assignment papers to demonstrate that you have a good understanding of the assigned background readings. The knowledge base in this class is very cumulative.

Your paper is well-written and you use paragraphs well. Please use headings within your paper to organize your thoughts and guide the reader.

Overall, you have done a good job on this assignment.  Please keep working hard.

Dr. Hanson

For the SLP, I got another B+.  My professor's comments on that were:

You description of the situation at Gabriels is engaging. You have identified many issues that will make for a good research study. I wish you would have been more direct in tying what you have written to the questions posed in the assignment. Which of these issues (variables) have you identified as your dependent variable; which will be your independent variables?

Overall, your writing is good. I noticed that you sometimes write “employee’s” (the possessive when you mean employees (the plural).

Keep up the good work!

Dr. Hanson

I'm waiting on the discussion forum grade.

I'm glad I got a B+ on both of the assignments and consider it a fair grade.  Obviously I would have liked to get an A, but I think that this grade is actually pretty generous.

I have not started on my module assignments yet.  [sigh]  I gotta get on it.  I think I'm going to change what I originally scheduled around since it's very difficult for me to study during the week.

So... my new idea is to to the following for module 2:

Sunday [5/1]: 
  • Discussion Forum,
  • SLP, 
  • Some research on case assignment, and
  • Respond to someone's discussion post.
Sunday [5/8]: 
  • Finish research on case assignment, and
  • Finish case assignment.
Tonight I have a full code push*... when will it ever end.

* For those of you who do not know what a "full code push" is, it is basically when all the code from one website (normally a testing environment or beta site) is published to the official website (aka production or live website).  This process takes anywhere from 2 hours and on depending on how many servers or problems there are.  For our organization, because the client likes to have it done during low traffic times, we do it at night time.  So I either work from 8pm to 10pm (give or take) or from midnight to 2am (give or take).  The longest that a full code push has ever lasted was 5 hours.