Tuesday, October 4, 2011

COM/705 Schedule

I will be posting my schedule to this blog weekly so that I can keep track of my course.  Typically, Phoenix has a lot more requirements than TUIU does so I will find this useful.

Starts 10/4

Week 1

Discussion Forum (150-300 words per post)
  1. Check In post [due day 1 of course] 
  2. Post Bio (2- to 3-paragraph autobiography) [due day 1 of course] 
  3. Week 1 DQ1 Your Intent (due by Wednesday) 
  4. Week 1 DQ2 Your Responsibilities (due by Thursday  
  5. Week 1 DQ3 Shared Doctoral Values (due by Friday 
  6. At least two substantive messages per day on 3 days each
Individual Assignments (Submit to Assignments page)

  1. Individual Assignment: Avoiding Plagiarism Mastery Test
    Due Friday (Day 4) of Week One
  2. Individual Assignment: Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Essay (700- to 1050-word)
    Due Saturday (Day 5) of Week One