Monday, October 3, 2011

Finished DSO700T, Still waiting for my grades from TUIU...

So I finished my DSO700T course.  It's simply an orientation course to the system.  The system at University of Phoenix (UoP) is fairly extensive and is probably necessary for new online or not so technically savvy people.  For me, it was a huge bore and unnecessary.  At least that's how I felt.  Since I've been to this school before, I remember what they had offered before as well.  So, if I had a choice, I would have skipped this class since it's like an unnecessary tutorial for me.  For others, it might be preferred.

TUIU still has not given me a grade for my last course so I am wondering if it's because they screwed up my financial aid and won't give me a final grade because of that.  I don't know how long this is going to take and I hope that I don't have to repeat these courses over again.

My next course will be COM/705 COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES.  Here is the basic course description and competencies:

This 3-week, online course provides doctoral program applicants with an introduction to advanced communication strategies for academic success within the University of Phoenix's adult learning model. Topics include the scholarship-practice-leadership model, scholarly writing practices, and Learning Team effectiveness. Learners who successfully complete COM/705 are eligible to enroll in the doctoral program.

Course Competencies

  • Build competence in online learning through adherence to course policies, development of self-motivation strategies and time-management skills, and active engagement in collaborative interaction.
  • Evaluate information from multiple sources to create original, substantive analysis.
  • Integrate faculty feedback to promote continuous improvement of doctoral skills.
  • Apply the scholarship-practice-leadership model to a specific discipline or field.
  • Understand the adverse effects of plagiarism on scholarly communication.
  • Demonstrate doctoral program readiness through professionalism, timeliness, thoroughness, and accountability for one’s performance.
This course is only 1 credit for 3 weeks.  I feel like this is another course that I probably will not need but it is more like a refresher course.  The funny thing is that I have not had any breaks yet so I am feeling very tired.

My first assignment (Due Wednesday) is the following:
DQ 1:  What is your intent in beginning a doctoral program? How does your intent fit the scholar-practitioner-leader model?
APA formatted citations and references are optional but encouraged.
Post to this thread no later than Wednesday of Week 1.
NOTE: When your DQ response has been reviewed by the instructor, it will be stamped with a blue ? icon. Feedback about the quality of your DQ response will be sent in your weekly feedback. 

My answer:
My intent in beginning a doctoral program with University of Phoenix is so that I may continue my education in the hopes of eventually becoming a professor in the field.  I recently completed my Master’s of Science in Information Technology Management with a concentration in IT Project Management at Trident University International.  In addition, I have over ten years experience in the technology field as a computer consultant, web developer, and web product manager.  My goal always has been to become a professor; thus I want to pursue my doctorate so that I may teach in Information Technology.  My dream is to obtain my doctorate so that I will be able to be allowed to continue helping people in technology.
I believe that the doctorate will provide me with the education I require to be a successful educator in this field. Because these courses are also available online, it would be an excellent fit since I am currently working full-time and my position does not allow me time to take classes at a set time each week.
I am currently working with a company called Gabriels Technology Solutions as a web product manager for HGTV's Real Estate websites to manage and maintain their websites in compliance with Web 2.0 standards.  Additionally, I have worked with SourceMedia (formerly a division of Thomson Financial) as a web developer for more than eight years.  Prior to my web development positions, I was also a computer consultant for the University at Buffalo and Kingsborough Community College while I was attending their classes.  This was where I had my first look into what teaching really could be and what it meant for those who are seeking a future in careers involving computers.  Therefore, in using the experience and skills that I currently have along with the doctorate, I may help others to learn and use technology in their future endeavors.
I submitted my bio.  Every class asks for this so I just copy and paste it.
My next set of assignments isn't due until Friday so I'll work on them tomorrow or later.