Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week 1 assignments

DQ 3:  What are the shared values of the doctoral community? How are these values related to leadership behavior?
APA formatted citations and references are optional but encouraged.
Post to this thread no later than Friday of Week 1.
NOTE: When your DQ response has been reviewed by the instructor, it will be stamped with a blue ? icon. Feedback about the quality of your DQ response will be sent in your weekly feedback. 

My Answer:

I believe that the shared vision and values of the doctoral community attempts to help people, enhance one's own knowledgebase as well as others, and to provide information based on research and credibility.  These values are related to leadership values as they are the things that will prepare the doctoral community for an effective leadership role.  They can also be used in an organizational environment where research and credible data is a very important aspect for both reports and statistics.  The doctoral community looks to also pursue the best possible solutions that will help and enlighten others in their quest for knowledge and achievements.  Being a leader goes hand in hand with the vision that the doctoral community has.  The doctoral community mentality also breeds relationships that is necessary in the leadership role as well.  Relationships are very important to the doctoral community and to being a leader as it helps to strengthen both.
Essay assignment requirements
  • Individual Assignment: Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Essay
    Due Saturday (Day 5) of Week One
    • Resources: SPL Essay Grading Rubric located in the Week One Materials section of the student website.
    • Review the Electronic Readings Reserve (ERR) articles and the Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership essay grading rubric on the COM/705 course page.
    • Write a 700- to 1050-word paper explaining how information literacy influences scholarship, practice, and leadership in a specific profession or discipline.
    • Include the following components in your paper:
      • Four sources – You must incorporate in-text citations and references from the three assigned ERR articles and one additional peer-reviewed source of your choice. Use the authors’ viewpoints to develop your argument. Please do not merely summarize the sources. Instead, use the sources to support your analysis of the assigned topics.
      • APA formatting and style – Consult your APA Manual to format the title page, margins, header, spacing, citations, references, etc. according to APA standards. (Note: The assigned ERR articles may not reflect APA standards. Do not rely on the articles to model APA format or style.)
      • Scholarly tone – Write in third person, not first or second person—i.e. avoid “I,” “we,” “my,” “our,” “you,” “your,” etc. Present an analysis of the topics, not personal opinions. Use a formal tone rather than a casual or conversational style. (Note: The assigned ERR articles may not reflect SAS writing standards. Do not rely on the articles to model scholarly tone.)
    Please note: No author’s note or abstract is required for this assignment.
    Use the Scholarship, Practice, Leadership Essay Grading Rubric to ensure you meet the assignment requirements.
    • Submit your paper to the Assignments page as a Microsoft® Word attachment.
My essay is now submitted.  
Grade pending.