Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 1: Discussion question 2

Week 1 DQ2 Your Responsibilities (due by Thursday)

DQ 2:  As a doctoral learner, you have a new responsibility to yourself and those around you. What is this responsibility?
APA formatted citations and references are optional but encouraged.
Post to this thread no later than Thursday of Week 1.
NOTE: When your DQ response has been reviewed by the instructor, it will be stamped with a blue ? icon. Feedback about the quality of your DQ response will be sent in your weekly feedback. 

My answer:

As a doctoral learner, I believe that it is my responsibility to understand as much as I can about research methods and teaching.  I understand Information Technology pretty well since I have been in the industry for several years.  However, simply because I know how to do certain things with technology does not always mean that it is easy to teach others.  Therefore, this is a personal goal of mine to accomplish.
I also believe that it is very important to help my community to learn and understand technology.  The doctorate and my award winning personality will hopefully help me with this responsibility towards helping others.  I especially want to add that I believe that technology is very important now and will continue to be in the future.  New technology is constantly appearing and for many people, it is difficult enough as it is to keep up with the news.