Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 4 Post Response to DQ 1 by Day 3 Thursday 12/1/2011

Discussion Question:

Do you think leaders should help people get what they want, or do you think leaders should help people get what is right for them? Explain your response by describing a work or social environment scenario that you are familiar with.

My Response:

I believe that if the leader helps the people what is right for them that they might not get what they want right away.  Sometimes it takes hardship, sacrifice, and time to do what is needed to give the people what they want.  For example, if I am to receive a good grade in class, I am not just going to receive it.  I have to study and prove that I can earn the grade.  The leader, in this example would be the teacher, might give me a lot of homework to prove that I understand the content.  

So, if a leader helps the people get what they want, they might not necessarily get what is needed for them.  The people will also have a certain expectation of the leader as well.  For example, if the teacher gives the answers to the exam, that helps the child to receive the good grade but what they need to understand is the content and how it applies to the real world.  I say that “the cake is a lie” all the time.  I got this term from a game called “Portal” by the gaming development company Valve, and in this case the quote means that just because the people are getting what they want does not always mean that they are getting what they need because it is a facade to the truth.