Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Dissertation Idea

As I sit here working on my essay on four types of leadership methodologies, an idea for my dissertation arises.  I know I originally wanted to write about how video/computer games affect/benefit a classroom environment but in this leadership course, I am thinking that maybe I can incorporate how MMORPGs influence or demonstrate leadership.  The reason for this is that one of my specialties are really in online RPG games.  I've been playing RPGs since I was a child, and then in college I started playing MUDs; not to mention experimenting with LARPing and tabletop D&D.  Afterwards, I began indulging in MMORPGs.  So I believe that I have a lot of knowledge involving the social politics and leadership in MMORPGs and also maybe how virtual worlds are applicable to social structure in the real world.  In MMORPGs, the social experience can appear to be extremely unfiltered yet there are times when the social structure and team experience can be adjusted to form a more stable group environment.  What I am leading to is the possibility of experimenting with MMORPGs on the different types of theories and methodologies of leadership as it can be applied to the real world.  In other words, online leadership theory.

If anyone out there reads this blog, let me know what you think.