Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LDR/711A Week 4 Grades and essay results

Grade Report: LDR/711A

Grade Summary (Week 1-Week 4)

Total Percentage:94.44%
Your Total Score:34
Total Possible Score:36

Week 4

Possible ScoreYour Score
Discussion Questions2.02.0
Your Week Six discussion was constructive and consisted of many key points.  You
 are following the requirements of the syllabus by assuring that your class
 discussions are thorough and constructive.
Individual Paper Leadership Models10.08.0
Your essay describes the similarities and differences between four models, and
 discussed how each model might address contemporary leadership issues and

Your essay contains APA form and style errors.

Your essay contains non scholarly wording.

Review my feedback comments posted in the right margin.
Your participation added value, in addition to responding to the two required
 discussion questions, you engaged in the discussion to a greater extent by
 making comments to your classmates discussion responses on two separate days.
Individual Reflection Summary4.04.0
Thank you for sharing a reflective and applied statement describing how the
 learning, in this course, has affected your thought processes, development, and
 professional disposition. This statement reflects your personal learning
 process, challenges, and moments of discovery, life experiences, and
Week 4 Subtotal :1816
Cumulative Week 4 Subtotal :3634
Week 4 Feedback:
My "Individual Paper Leadership Models" essay with professor comments.  I am actually in the process of disputing the headings he marked as incorrect.  According to the APA Headings and Seriations, heading levels one through four should be in bold.  I know I'm not perfect and I might have misunderstood the book, but I want to verify with him what he wants regardless if I understand the book correctly or not.  Every teacher is different and we should respect their grading methods.  The point here is to learn and move on.  But I'm still upset about it. HA!