Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 4 Post Reflection by Day 7 Monday 12/5/2011

Post your reflection by creating a 150-200 word reflective statement describing how the week’s learning has affected your thought processes, development, and professional disposition. This statement should be a forum for you to reflect on your personal learning process, challenges, moments of discovery, life experiences, readings, and interactions. Ideally, you will use these statements throughout the course and the program to document your own development as a scholar, practitioner, and leader, and to reflect critically on the changes that occur during this process.

My Response

Wow, it’s the middle of the course now.  That is an accomplishment!  I feel like I have learned so much this week.  I’ve learned that there are several challenges that a leader may face.  I have learned that a leader can have some difficult choices, especially when trying to satisfy their followers.  This reminded me of when I started working with my current company.  In the organization I work with, I remember when I first started here and no one wanted to listen to me because I was the new girl.  However, over time, the people warmed up to me after flooding them with kindness and gratitude.  Even if they were originally mean to me, I did not let that break my spirit.  A lot of the decisions I have to make on a daily basis can involve choices that the employees do not like or agree with but they still have to be done.  Additionally, I’ve learned about many of the different theories behind leadership.  I had very little of an idea behind the theories and concepts before I started this course.  The methods that I believe will stick with me are about the servant, transactional, transformational, charismatic, and contemporary leadership methods.