Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Week 5 Post your response to DQ 1 by Day 5 Wednesday 12/7/11

What is power, and what is the relationship between power and leadership?

My response

My perception of power in an organization means that an individual or group has the ability to make decisions for the organization and individuals in that organization.  In an organization, individuals might recognize power based on the title and position.
The hierarchy of power and leadership displays the connection and relationship between the two.  For example, in the organization I work for, the founder/CEO is the highest position; under him are the CTO, COO and CFO, and so on.  The leader and person in the position of power can be one in the same.  The person who has the most power has the ability to make the decision that the followers need to adhere to.  However, the person in a position of power is not omnipotent and can be overthrown in some organizations or hierarches.  Furthermore, the power that one might have in an organization can be positive or negative.  The one in the position of power may make impulsive or unsuitable decisions based on their inexperienced ideals or emotions.