Friday, January 27, 2012

My First Doctoral Residency

What is a doctoral residency?

Why am I typing all of this?

I think that people deserve the right to know what goes on during these residencies.  It's not always completely clear until you actually go through it.  This became evident to me as I witnessed students with doctorates, mentors, and professors visit each class to answer any questions or provide feedback to the students in their first residency. So I am typing up my experiences for all to read and educate themselves for their own residencies in the future.

How did my travels go?

I wanted to know more about the accommodations that the hotel the school recommends before I actually reserve it.  Here are some of the questions and answers I received from the General Assistant Manager (in blue).

Holiday Inn Express Reston Hotel
  1. Do you know what the closest Amtrak station is to your hotel?
    The closest Amtrack station is at Union station located in Washington DC about 30 miles from us.
  2. Does your hotel provide a shuttle service to and from Amtrak?
    If not, do you have taxi information (ie. costs, phone number, etc.)
    No, but you can take the train to West Falls church Metro and then take a bus to Herndon to Herndon Monroe bus stop where we can pick you up but you will have to call us for a pick up. 
  3. Does your hotel accept student discounts from University of Phoenix?
    If so, what are the costs per night?  I plan on staying 1/18-1/23.
    The discounted rate for UoP is $139.00 from Mon-Wed and $89.00 from Thurs-Sun.
  4. I understand that your hotel has shuttle services to UoP.  Does this still exist?
    Yes, we will provide transportation daily to and from the Campus located in Reston.
After reading the answer from #2, I decided that it would be easier to just fly in.  Since I was staying for 6 days, I assumed that I would have too much luggage to go from the train to several buses.  I also want to add that the residency was extremely stressful.  The residency was 5 days and I went a day earlier to scope out the area, but I should have taken an addition day afterwards from work to just rest.

Shuttle Bus

When I got to the Washington DC (Dulles) airport, I got so confused with the shuttle buses.  They told me to call them when I land and I did.  Then they tell you where to catch the shuttle bus (location 7-D).  I had to take a shuttle bus to the shuttle bus area.  When I got to 7-D, there were two other shuttle buses from Holiday Inn.  So it is important to remember that it is the Holiday Inn Express bus that you are looking for if you pick this hotel.

The ride was about 15 minutes from the airport to the hotel.
The ride from the hotel to the school is about 10 minutes.

Arriving at the Hotel

When I got to the hotel, they greeted us with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (they were so good), and gave me an even better discount than initially quoted.  They had me "out of the oven ... cookies."  They charged me $89 each day I stayed.  I had made a mistake not to extend my check-out on the last day and I had to pay half price but I heard some students did not have to pay if they told the front desk early enough.  Either way, I think that was a great price for the 6 days I was there.

The hotel also gave me a schedule of the shuttle bus times that they operate for UoP students as well as a list of restaurants in the area.

I was told that some students got a better price through at $80 a day.  I think that's great, especially if the hotel has a shuttle bus that goes to the school as well, but that is something to keep in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the students will go to the Holiday Inn Express because it is recommended by the school.  So you might expect a dorm-like environment but with adults.  I'm not saying it was wild or anything but everyone had shared views that they were there to get their studies done and network.


Last but not least, the hotel was clean and respectable.  They typically have a mini fridge in each room, with a blow-dryer, iron, and ironing board.  One of my classmate's had a microwave in her room... yeah, I was jealous.  So if you think you need it, request a room that has a microwave in it because they do have them.

Food Services
The hotel provides breakfast and they have 2 vending machines: one with snacks and the other with drinks.  The drinks were about $1.50 and the snacks were about $1.  I recommend walking to the supermarket if you can as they have cheaper/healthier options for snacks (see Places to Eat section for more information below).  They also have a book with places you can order from.

They also have a workout room but I did not go to it because there was simply no time.  If you need to exercise, do so in the beginning of your stay because you will not likely get an opportunity later with the school's rigorous program.

Places to Eat

Right next to the hotel within walking distance is a Quiznos, Starbucks, a liquor store, and Safeway (supermarket).  Across the street, also within walking distance, are several restaurants ranging from burger joints, such as McDonalds and Five Guys, to ethnic cuisines, such as Japanese, Chinese buffet, and Mexican food.  The list the hotel provided me with was almost two pages long of restaurants in the area. Outside of the immediate area was one place I'm not sure was on the list or not, but it was a diner that was right next to Outback Steakhouse that had a jukebox that took quarters at each table.  It reminded me of Johnny Rockets and I loved it so I recommend it if you can drive/shuttle there.  The hotel will accommodate almost any ride within the vicinity if you call them ahead of time.


Keep in mind that I am coming from the NYC area so I have several options.  Although I purchased tickets with Continental Airlines, I actually flew with United Airlines.  Getting to LGA from home, checking in my ticket at the kiosk, and going through security was fast and took all of 15 minutes.  When the gate began allowing passengers on, they announced that one bag had to be tagged with a green tag and you get the ticket stub.  They put the luggage in another compartment for us to pick up after we land because the overhead of the jet was just too small despite noted carry-on requirements.  This was not a problem for me but I did see a first-class passenger get loud with a UA worker that was on another flight because his luggage was mishandled, and completely broken to the point that his clothing was hanging out of the bag and he could not close the zipper.  He was furious, as I would be if I were in the same circumstance.

Getting into Dulles required that we exit the jet directly and that scared the crap out of me.  I'm just used to the airplane being connected to the gate.  Carrying two maximum-sized carry-on luggage was no easy feat to go down and up those tiny stairs being as small as I am.  I've only ever had to do that once in the Caribbean but I had someone to help me then.  No one offered me any help but that's okay because I survived.

Continental Airlines
Day, DateFlightDeparture City and TimeArrival City and Time
Wed, 18JAN12CO38041NEW YORK, NY
(LGA) 2:29 PM
(IAD - DULLES) 3:54 PM
(IAD - DULLES) 9:51 PM
(LGA) 10:59 PM
Going home was a whole different experience.  I was rushing to get to the airport after class.  I had to call the shuttle to pick me up from the school because I didn't see a bus after I waited 30 minutes.  The schedule said that they would pick the students up between 4 and 5 on the final day but I think they forgot because I was out there at 4:05pm.  Also because the day before I was concentrating on homework, I did not get a chance to pack up.  So the shuttle came about 10 minutes after I called.  When I finally got to the hotel, the elevator was not coming to the lobby.  I took the stairs with a gentleman who was also waiting for the elevator.  I put the key-card to get into the room, but it was locked.  I had run back downstairs to ask the hotel manager to let me into the room because I needed to catch a flight.  I told him I would be willing to pay whatever the fee was and he gave me a half-off discount so long as I was out of there by 6pm.  This hotel really did accommodate as much as they could.

After packing, I was able to leave and catch the shuttle to the airport.  When I got to Dulles airport, there was no kiosk like in NYC.  I had to go up to the teller and provide them with my eTicket and ID, which also required another airport-shuttle experience.  Going through security was also longer, even though there was the same amount of people on line as there was in NYC.  I was stopped by security before I was allowed to get my bags scanned.  The security guard very nicely asked me to hold up my palms.  I did so and he took two band-aid-shaped swaps to pat down the sweat off my palms.  He ran it through a scanner of sorts and after a few seconds, it made a beep and I was clear to go.  That is something I had never seen before.  This airport also had the full body scanners.  Why are these things not in NYC?  It makes me wonder how this airport had so much better equipment than NYC...  All of this took about 30 minutes because there was much more to go through.

Fare Information

I think I got a fair deal on this flight.  I'm sure people got better deals but in general, flights from NYC are just not very economical.  I might name my own price next time.

Fare Breakdown
U.S. Federal Transportation Tax:12.42
U.S. Flight Segment Tax:7.40
September 11th Security Fee:5.00
U.S. Passenger Facility Charge:9.00
Per Person Total:199.40USD

eTicket Total:199.40USD

The airfare you paid on this itinerary totals: 165.58 USD

The taxes, fees, and surcharges paid total: 33.82 USD

Fare Rules:Additional charges may apply for changes in addition to any fare rules listed.

How did my classes go?

Classroom with my laptop
Course Requirements

Northern Virginia Campus (Reston) - 1/19/2012-1/23/2012
PHL/700R 1/19/2012-1/23/2012

Class DateStart TimeEnd Time

Northern Virginia Campus (Reston)
11730 Plaza America Drive, Suite 200
Reston, VA 20190
(703) 376-6100
A few notes:

Another thing, the school provides breakfast and lunch, so if you're not too picky of an eater, the food is very good.

Day 1

For day 1, the expectation is that the student had to have completed both an essay and PowerPoint presentation before the beginning of the class so you can present it.  The essay gets submitted into the Assignments area like all the prior courses but it if is not available, as for some students is was not, be sure to either
  1. contact technical support with a ticket number OR
  2. post it in the Individual folder like I did and put a note saying that the Assignments area is not available yet.
Many students in my class complained about this.  The teacher allowed the students to post their assignments late because she even had problems but be aware that not all teachers will allow this.

In addition to submitting these assignments, make sure you have read all the required readings.  For the first day, the required readings were to:

  • Read Ch. 1, 5, & 11 of the Mezirow text.
  • Read Part I: Embarking on a Doctorate and the “Ways of Knowing” section in Part 3: Thinking About Methodologies of the Wellington et al. text.
  • Read the Workshop One Electronic Reserve Readings.
After that was settled, the teacher began her lesson using her PowerPoint presentation.  There is a total of 52 slides in this presentation so the teacher was able to cover a lot.  The first part of the presentation was to allow everyone to give a brief introduction of themselves.

The purpose of the presentation is to go over the teacher's and school's expectations of the course.  The first half of the presentation includes survival techniques, course policies, course topics, and what to expect in the future of your specific program. Once the professor discussed these elements, she then wanted us to present our slides.  Due to time constraints, however, she did not require us to show the actual presentation but she still wanted us to present it.

There were 15 students that attended this course, so there were 15 vastly different presentations.

After the presentations were presented, the professor went back to her presentation again.  The rest of the presentation discusses critical reflection methods and strategies, Transformative Learning (TL) theory, creative thinking, and situated scholar-practitioner concepts. 

When the lecture was done, the class was required to complete two workshops. Workshop 1: Reflections was an in-class assignment and is required for each day of the residency, and Workshop 2: Critical Reading: Deconstructing a Text was the homework assignment where we select an short, opinionated article to be peer-reviewed during Day 2.  This was the only day that did not consume most of my time.

Workshop 1: Reflection
  1. What was the most important (useful) thing you learned in today’s class?
  2. What was the muddiest point in today’s lecture/activities?
  3. What examples/activities did I use today that helped you the most? The least?
  4. How can I help you learn the concept that is giving you the most trouble?
  5. What question(s) do you have about the material covered in today’s class?
  6. What did you learn today that you could apply outside of class?
Note: This piece is an essential element towards writing your final essay in day 5.  Keep a record, if possible, of what you provided to the teacher.  This piece was an in-class assignment so write yourself a backup immediately.

Workshop 2: Critical Reading: Deconstructing a Text

Elements of critical reading
General description
Examples from the text
(words, phrases, or passages, including page numbers)
Implications for my thinking and writing
Uncovering explicit meaning
·What is the author’s intended message? ·How does the author convey this message?

Uncovering implicit meaning
·What assumptions underlie the author’s message? ·What belief system does the text convey? ·What contradictions exist between the explicit and implicit meanings you identified?

Evaluating the author’s authority
·What is the author’s primary source of authority? ·What are the author’s secondary sources?
·Whose voices are privileged?
·How is the author situated in the larger discourse in the field?

Identifying gaps
·What is omitted?
·Whose voices are silenced?
·How do these omissions influence your interpretation of the text?

Day 2
Inferences and Assumptions Class Project

The schedule for day 2 looked like this:
  • 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM: Day 1 Reflections
  • 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM: Critical Reading; Reflecting on the Critical Reading Process
  • 10:00 AM to 11: 45 AM: Scholarly Writing and the Logic of the Writing Process; Scholarly Writing Analysis Exercise 1
  • Lunch 12 to 1 p.m
  • 1:00 -1:45 PM: Inferences and Assumptions Exercise
  • 1:45 PM to 3:45 PM: Models of Thinking Exercise ( 1 hour); Scholarly Writing Analysis Exercise, Part 2: Authorial Voice
  • 3:45 to 5:00 PM: Workshop Three Preparation
  • Adjourn at 5 p.m.
In the beginning of the day, we reviewed each other's work, commented on them, and provided constructive feedback.  Generally everyone was satisfied with their partners in these tasks.

In the discussion forums for the class, there were five threads, each with 1 or more attachments in them:
  1. Day 2 Assignment Instructions & Grading Rubric
  2. Day 2 Assignment:Deconstructing a Text
  3. Day 2 Presentation Attached
  4. Day 2 Actiivity:Inferences &Assumptions
  5. Day 2 Actiivity:Scholarly Writing Analysis
The attachments were mainly used in our activities throughout the course.  So essentially: download, complete, repeat.  These assignments all required a team, whether there was 2 members or 5.  This was clarified by the professor.

The homework assignments by this point were also time consuming.  I think most of my peers stayed up trying to complete the assignments until 2am, myself included.  This homework assignment I did with my peers until 1am.  I think we distracted ourselves so this might have been done much earlier if not for that.  The articles for this assignment were quite long though.  Our writing for these needed to be well done as they would also undergo a critical peer-review as well.

Workshop 3 Preparation: Constructing Meaning

Elements for comparison and contrast
Payne & Gainey text
Tsui text
Description in my own words
Evidence from the text
(include direct quotes and page numbers)
Description in my own words
Evidence from the text
(include direct quotes and  page numbers)
Explicit meaning

Implicit meaning

My situatedness with respect to the texts

Part II
Write 1–2 paragraphs in which you synthesize the scholarly  discourse about critical thinking in higher education..
For example, your comparison might complete the following:
Describe philosophical and ideological tensions between the articles.
Describe logical or historicized foundations common to both articles.
Describe writing practices the articles share and the potential rationale for those practices.

Day 3

Was very similar to day 2.

  • Overview of Day 2 Experience ( 8:00-8:30)
  • Dissertation Process (8:30-9:30)
  • Dialogue on the Constructing Meaning Assignment (9:30-10:30)
  • Peer review on the Constructing Meaning assignment (10:30-11:30) 
  • Dialogue on the nature of learning Communities (11: 30-12:00) 
  • LUNCH (12:00-1:00) 
  • Workshop 4 Preparation: SPL Model (1:00-2:00) 
  • Workshop 4 Assignment Preparation (2:00-4:45) 
  • Coaching and Feedback  (2:00-4:45) 
  • Adjourn at 5 PM
By this point, everyone was exhausted and we all just wanted to get some rest... but that never really happened.

Workshop 4: Preparation

Team Presentation: Part 1
Develop a strategic model for effective problem solving.

Grading Rubric – Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership in Motion: Part One
Grading Criteria
Points Possible
Points Earned
Team briefly describes
·Problem or need with empirical evidence
·Proposed intervention
·Rationale for the intervention
Team critically reflects on
·Explicit team dynamics and processes
·Implicit team dynamics and processes
·Tensions between explicit and implicit team dynamics and processes
·Ideas for responding to or addressing tensions; rationale for ideas

Team provides specific, supportive feedback to other teams


My Experience with a 5-person Team
Now, this aspect of the program is going to be different for all of us.  I advise anyone who read this to keep an open mind as my experience may not be the same as yours, however.

In this class, about 65-70% of the students were able to work well with each other.  I find this aspect interesting because we all have the same end goal: to get our doctoral degree.  As I mentioned in the class and in this particular part of the project, we are all leaders.  Now, the definition might be different for some students, but if you are looking to get a doctoral degree, you're looking to be a leader in that concentration.  But I digress...  

From my own experience and what I have heard from other students, there were students who 
  • were complete slackers and didn't want to do anything, but wanted to do things their way, and 
  • then there were students who were rude, loud, and obnoxious, and wanted to take full control of the project.  
Too many alpha-types in one area is not always a pleasant thing.  My team ran into some of these issues and this prolonged the assignment dramatically.  Most of the team was up until 2am trying to complete the project while others were doing whatever.

So my tip when evaluating who you are going to team up with: take notice of the students that are too dominate versus the slackers.  You can still team up with these people, but have a strategy.  For example, if each student is a dominate type, make the suggestion to vote on a leader right away because you waste too much time on the way things work so that you can focus on the project rather than solely the team dynamics.  

Most of the assignment is to evaluate the team dynamics but if you don't have structure, the assignment is going to take forever, like ours did.  In ours, we couldn't agree on a discussion style and argued about how some of us like "brainstorming" versus "round robin".  Imagine two hours of solely talking about that and not really getting close to the point of doing the actual presentation?  This was all because one person did not like the brainstorming style.  The team also did not want to make it into a vote and this prolonged things even more.  We were at the school until 9pm before we finally resolved what we were going to do, and we didn't even create the presentation yet.

Day 4

My team was the first team to present our presentation.  Honestly, I thought it went well considering all the bickering that went on with my team, until the professor tore it apart critically analyzed it and provided us with feedback to improve our presentation.  The rest of the class also had to provide us with comments and questions regarding our presentation.  This is a requirement per student or they would risk loosing participation points, which happened to be 40% of our grade.  There were a few elements we did not think of adding but we each took note of what needed to be done in preparation of our next related presentation.

There were a total of 3 teams and I think we all did well considering the difficulties we had with each group.

Lessons learned

In class, we learned more new concepts that we needed to prepare to implement into our presentation.  Some of the things we learned includes:
  • Model/Theory reasoning
  • SPL using our presentation
  • 5- to 10-minute feedback session
After class, I was determined not to allow what happened the night before to occur again with my team.  I asked the team if it was okay for me to be the team leader so that we could figure out what needs to be done and get our work done quickly.  They all agreed.  I printed out the requirements for each member and handed one to each of them.  I then started out by asking each member to tell me which piece that they feel comfortable doing.  The one team member that has been giving us a hard time wanted me to pick it for her.  MOTION DENIED!  That was not what I asked and I didn't think it was fair to the rest of the team after they stated what they wanted to do.  So she pointed out what she wanted to do but she seemed annoyed. She asked me to talk to her in private and I okay'd it, despite the team's beliefs -- that she should voice her concerns to the entire team.  Whatever.  At this point, I just wanted to get it done.  She didn't even say anything important except to clarify what she needed to do for the assignment.

After we wrote down the names next to each task, I told them we should take the rest of the discussion to the forums as the other teams did because that would be more effective.  So we parted to work as individuals from our rooms but talked on the phone and through the discussion forums.  This appears to work well for the rest of the team except the one who I label the slacker.  Not only did she not do her part correctly, when I told her what needed to be done, she ignored it.  So I redid it for her.  It turned out as 1 of 21 slides.  I put the template together, formatted everyone else's work and placed it into the PowerPoint.  I had to do my own research as well.  Before I knew it, it was 2am again and I hadn't even started on my essay!  I tried to stay awake but at 2:30am, I fell asleep after writing an outline.

A Dramatic Turn of Events

If I didn't know any better, I would say I was on a reality show from all the drama that happened in the past two days.  Aside from the drama from one of my teammates, one of the students in the class had a seizure.  Now, I'm not releasing her name or anything but I will tell you what I know.  This student is a very nice woman from talking with her.  She is in the same concentration as I am in so I am sure we will see each other again.  She has many obvious health issues but she is bright and intelligent.  She was obviously overly stressed from this course, as we all were, because she went into a seizure mid-class and after she did her presentation.  The class was escorted out of the room while an ambulance came and brought her to the nearest hospital to take care of her.  From what I understand, she is okay now and doing well.  She had us all worried but she is a strong woman so I am glad she is okay.  The school is allowing her to complete the rest of the course via essays and online communication so thankfully she will still get the opportunity to complete this course.  That brings all sorts of confidence for me with this school that they will make every effort to make sure the students are well taken care of both in their health and in their education.

Day 5

Yet another presentation, but this day was even more dramatic for me than the days before.

The requirements of the final day is to complete an essay and a PowerPoint presentation by 4pm.  This cause everyone an enormous amount of stress throughout the class.  Most of the class was unable to complete their assignments because they had to do the presentation.  The presentation was only 5 points while the essay was 15 points, however, I think most of us might have concentrated on the presentation because our reputation was on the line.  It does not look good if we do not know what we are talking about in front of our peers.

The Drama

When the class finished their breakfast, the professor began by stating that the essays are due by 4pm and that she is giving us an hour to make any necessary fixed to the presentation.  The groups each gathered and began to discuss what they needed to do.  The slacker of my team decided it was a good idea to sit back at her seat and print out her own slides for the remainder of the hour.

We decided to check to see if there was consistency within the slides so that when we present them, they will flow well.  I told them that my portion is in order and to make sure theirs were in order while I work on my essay.  The slides were changed around a little bit and when they were done, they let me know.  I checked and I noticed that the slides were moved around, which affected what the slacker was going to present.  She had a total of 3 slides to do now: the new one she created the night before and two that we already presented on day 4.  Theoretically, she should know what to say with these slides, right?  After the changes were published to the appropriate forums, I looked for her to let her know.  One of the teammates went to print out all of the slides.  I went to the printer room and only found her, but not the slacker.  Afterwards, I just went back to my desk and when the first team finished their presentation and was getting feedback from the professor,  I went to her desk and let her know she had to check the slides because they were changed.  After she took a look, she ran up to my face and started yelling at me and telling me why someone didn't tell her about these changes.  I told her to take a seat as we'll discuss it later but she was frustrated and exclaimed that she would rather not do the presentation at all.

When the team was done getting their feedback and the professor was about to give us a break, I went up to the professor and told her the team needs an intervention.  The slacker wanted to speak with the professor in private, but I told the professor that this was a team issue and we all needed to tell our stories.  We each had an opportunity to discuss our grief. The slacker started.  I came in second to speak.  When I was up to the part where she got in my face, I broke down.  I could not stop myself from being angry and upset, and the tears just kept coming like a broken facet.  After each team member spoke their frustrations about this woman, she had either a rebuttal or an apology.  She did not, however, apologize to me.  This discussion took up a lot of the other team's time to present.  So the teacher allowed the other team to go over into the lunch time to have an adequate amount of time for their presentation and feedback.

When this team finished, we were allowed to get some lunch.  As I was leaving the room, there was a school psych waiting for me.  That's not her official title but it sounds funnier.  So I spent about 30 minutes talking with her.  She was very nice and understanding but in my mind, she really did seem like a sales person at some of the questions I asked her.  Anyway, because I spoke with her for so long, this meant that I was only able to get lunch, take a few bites, and then go on with our presentation.

When my team gathered, everyone did their part.  I think we did a great job of presenting and we got much praise from the other students and the professor.  I received an A for this piece but the professor reserves the right to alter another team member's grade.  I have no idea what everyone else got.

At this point, it was 2:30pm and we only had a little time left to complete our essays.  One of the student's explained to the teacher that we really should get more time.  We had endured so much and this delayed a lot of the time we needed.  So the professor spoke with the director and we were permitted to submit the assignment at 11:59pm.  Unfortunately for me, I had to get it done by 9:30pm because I had a flight to catch.  So I had time to finish the essay but I did not have time to check it for errors.  My final grades are below and let me just say that I am just glad that I freaking passed.


I just received my grade for my essay.  I was not holding my breath on a good grade since I didn't have enough time to do any quality work on it.  I was able to run it through WritePoint but it took so long that by the time the process finished, I had to get on my plane to go home.  When I got on the plane, I fell asleep and did not wake up until it was time to get off the plane.  I thought I was asleep for 15 minutes but it turns out I was asleep for two hours; the flight was delayed!!!

Grade Report: PHL/700R

Grade Summary (Week 1)

Total Percentage:96.5%
Your Total Score:96.5
Total Possible Score:100

Week 1

Possible ScoreYour Score
Participation Day 1-Day 540.040.0
Alex, you were active participant of class discussions.Your comments and
 questions demonstrated good understanding of the course concepts  and added the
 value to class discussions.
Day 1: Personal Reflection &Purpose10.09.7
Alexandria, see attached feedback with completed rubric for both assignments:
 paper and presentation.
You received 97%. Great job! You are providing meaningful contributions to class
 discussions. However, I would suggest to be more proactive asking and answering
 questions. Look forward to reading your future assignments!
Day 2: Critical Reading-Deconstructing a Text10.010.0
See attached assignment with the grading rubric. Both, implicit and explicit
 meaning examples were well incorporated and there was an alignment between
 general description and supporting evidence (quotes). The authority and
 credibility of the author was well demonstrated. Great job!
Day 3:Constructing Meaning from Multiple Sources15.014.0
see attached.More feedback in class
Day 4:Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership5.04.3
Team presentation presented clear problem statement. However, second slide was
 about factors contributing to the attrition which was not directly tied up with
 time management. If lack of the time management causes attrition it need to be
 communicated. Transitions between different slides should maintain the flow of
 thoughts. Otherwise, there will be reasoning gaps.   Empirical evidence was
 presented in the references but it was unclear which source belonged to which
 bullet point. Implementation plan and rational for intervention  was supposed
 to be presented and model needed to be illustrated at least using one specific
 example. Team dynamics was great and could be perfectly tied tied up with time
 management problem. The same model could be used to demonstrate problems and
 solutions in team dynamics as well.
I look forward to tomorrow's presentation
Day 5: Lessons Learned Paper15.013.5
   Paper provided reflections on the class experience. However, deeper analysis
 and synthesis was required. Each lesson learned should have more clearly
 defined scholarship, practice, leadership manifestations. Paper needed thesis
 statement. See attachment with detailed comments.
 Overall, great job!
Day5: Scholarship, Practice & Leadership in Motion5.05.0
team presentation covered all required aspects well and demonstrated good
 understanding of the course concepts.
Week 1 Subtotal :10096.5
Cumulative Week 1 Subtotal :10096.5
Week 1 Feedback:
Congratulations on completing course requirements!

End Thoughts

I still think I could have done without the residency.  The course was just too stressful but I learned a lot about other perspectives from other students and faculty.  I think that it's not necessary though because I can network with students and faculty on my own time through the school website or through a different method, such as Skype or a webinar that the school can initiate.  I felt like I was in a scholarly bootcamp or reality show more than anything.  The trip and experience was well worth it because I also met some amazing people but I still wish there was another way to go about this process.

Class Picture with Most of the Students