Monday, April 2, 2012

IST/710 Passed!

YES!  I got an A- on my Info sys class.

Here is the breakdown:

Grade Summary (Week 8)

Grade: A-
Total Percentage:90.8%
Your Total Score:90.8
Total Possible Score:100

Week 8

Possible ScoreYour Score
Weekly Reflection1.01.0
Your implications and conclusions met the standards outlined in the syllabus and
 relfected the area of discussion this week.
Discussion and Participation3.02.0
You met the requirements as specified in the syllabus for your DQ posts; you did
 not meet the participation requirements.  APA and English mechanics were
 without significant error.
Information Systems Literature Review15.014.7
See the attached grading form and marked paper for detailed information.
Rough Draft Review Reflection10.010.0
The submission met the requirements.
Week 8 Subtotal :2927.7
Cumulative Week 8 Subtotal :10090.8
Week 8 Feedback:

Graded feedback on Team Reflection essay: it was a perfect score.  No feedback was provided.