Sunday, September 22, 2013

Purpose Statement Example and Problem Statement Template

I am continuously looking for this information so I figured what better way to find it than to place it on my blog?  Here are two resources I grabbed from

Purpose Statement Example

The purpose of this qualitative, descriptive research study is (was) to analyze the personal value patterns and profiles of Generation X and Generation Y managers at an information technology company in the Pacific Northwest.  Data were obtained through in depth interviews at locations convenient to the participants.  The data were managed with NVivo 8 software.

Problem Statement Template

There is a problem in __________ (societal organization).  Despite (something that should be happening) __________ is occurring (provide supporting evidence).  This problem has negatively impacted __________ (victims of problem) because __________.  A possible cause of this problem is __________.  Perhaps a study which investigates __________ by a __________ (paradigm/method) could remedy the situation.